‘Growing Strong Together’ 2020/21

With our planned event cancelled due to Covid, we were delighted to be able to hold 2 smaller events. The first event was held in November, beginning with a beautiful piano recital by Elodie Short, before Ginn Fourie spoke to us about forgiveness and reconciliation. Ginn has published her autobiography, in which she relates how her daughter was killed in a terrorist attack in South Africa. Ginn later went on to meet the person who instigated the attack. They went on to give talks all around the world on peace and reconciliation. A truly amazing story. Look out for Ginn’s booked called ‘The Lyndi Tree’, an Autobiography of Hope.

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Deep Listening Festival 1

The second event was held on January 16th, and combined art, music and story. Three unique art pieces were exhibited and each artist spoke on how they interpreted the theme. Elaine Clocherty then explained the base of her collaborative piece, before inviting those present to add to the artwork.

The very talented local singing group, Red Dress, engrossed the audience with their voices and their command of a variety of instruments they played. They had very thoughtfully chosen songs which fitted the Growing Strong Together theme, and finished off the evening with a Russian Blessing, which was truly moving.

Deep Listening Festival 7
Deep Listening Festival 8

Our special guest speaker, Akram Azimi, Young Australian of the Year 2013, spoke about how the wariness and hospitality shown to him. And his mother Nadira, had rejuvenated their souls, and how it embodied the theme, Growing Strong Together. Akram then went on to relate the journey of his family as they fled the danger from Afghanistan and the difficult time they faced until they were granted refugee status and came to Australia. Akram referred to the neighbours and teachers who went the extra mile to assist them in the difficult transition to life in Australia. This created their desire to give back to the community.