The artists for our event on 16 January 2021 have been asked to contribute an artwork that reflects part of our theme – Growing Strong Together.

We are very excited to announce that the following highly commended local artists will be displaying work at our event.

Elaine works directly with the landscape, using found natural materials, and she allows the stories and characteristics of place to directly inform the work. Her work aims to reveal the often unseen, she follows intuition to genuinely collaborate with the landscape.
For the Deep Listening Festival topic of ‘Growing Strong Together’, Elaine will facilitate the creation of a collaborative artwork, where people will be invited to add to the artwork.

I discovered my creative textile artist over 20 years ago following the death of my husband. “What will you do after..? – I think I’ll take up patchwork”. What an exciting, unexpected journey. I create in textiles, and have held two solo exhibitions, had work on display at Woody Nook Winery, and been involved in Margaret River Region Open Studios. My current passion is exploring the work of MC Escher and translating that 3D interplay of lines into fabric.

Originally from a small town in northern Italy, my younger years were spent reading, drawing, painting, photographing and volunteering at a local community cinema.
These passions combined when I opened a comic shop, Shion Art (the name I still use today to sign my paintings), which I ran until immigrating to Australia in 2013.
My move to the artistically and culturally active region of Margaret River reignited my love for painting and, inspired by some friendly local artists and the region itself, I was encouraged to pick up my pencils and paintbrushes once again.
I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to live and paint in this lovely part of the world. Aside from the pristine nature surrounding us and the magnificent scenery, the region is bubbling with exciting cultural initiatives, some of which I have been actively involved in, others for which I have been an avid spectator, camera in hand, and these experiences have provided much inspiration for my painting.
I am equally grateful for the community’s support of emerging artists, providing us with a space to showcase, discuss and grow our artistic skills.

Working as a multidisciplinary artist allows me the opportunity to explore the amazing natural environment we experience every day. I am particularly interested in the rich complexity of patterns and textures revealed as time and the elements unite to expose the layers.
Having completed a Bachelor of Art in Visual Art, I now find great joy in sharing skills and learning from others through teaching and workshops.