‘SacredEdge’ Festival Margaret River 2018

'Sacrededge' Festival Margaret River 2018 1

Sabrina Hahn at “SacredEdge” Festival Margaret River – 6 – 7 April 2018

The SacredEdge Margaret River organising team are pleased to announce we have secured two main presenters for our April 2018 event:

Scott Darlow – aboriginal singer/songwriter from Melbourne will be with us for the weekend. He will share his experience through story and song.

Sabrina Hahn – of ABC radio fame, will also join us on the Saturday and speak of how her connection with the land through gardening has brought healing in her life as she suffered domestic violence as a child.

We are beginning conversations with local indigenous people to explore how they would like to be involved. We are also in the process of securing more fantastic people to share their story and lead workshops, including Greg Miller

The goal of the festival is to take time to listen and engage with people from the edges of society. The ‘edge’ refers to those people who are marginalised because of issues that are not often openly acknowledged and spoken about. This will be achieved through story-telling, art, music and spirituality. In 2018, our focus areas will be ‘Families on the edge’ (mental health, homelessness and family violence) and ‘Land on the edge’ (environment, indigenous people and sustainability). Our hope is that the participants will hear stories of overcoming adversity in a positive way and will gain awareness, be inspired, develop understanding and assist to build inclusive community.

Throughout the weekend we hope to cater for both adults and young people, attracting people from both the church and our wider Margaret River community. Included in the program will be an art exhibition featuring local artists, times to eat together, panel discussions, workshops, community building practices and presentations. All of these will be done within a sacred space where all are valued and included, with the overarching aim of demonstrating positive community.

We look forward to sharing more updates about this exciting new event over the coming months!

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