Giving Generously

Giving Generously 1

Members of our congregation are taking part in an appeal to assist people in a practical way who are homeless or transient. This appeal is being conducted in partnership with Share the Dignity, and UnitingCare West Tranby House.  People are encouraged to fill a handbag, or a backpack with useful items, to be distributed to people in need.


The list below is for items you can bring to church to support Uniting Care West Tranby House and Share the Dignity. The list is not inclusive: bring anything a homeless person might appreciate.
If you are collecting for a woman: place your item in a used but useful handbag with a drawstring bag inside [the drawstring bag keeps everything neat] If you are collecting for a man: place your items in a used but useful backpack or small duffle bag, with a drawstring bag inside


Share The Dignity List


Contact Barb Maidment on 0437 800 489 or [email protected]
Bags are due back to church in mid-November!