New Student Minister

New Student Minister 1

Our church will have the privilege of having Reuben Edmonds, a theological student, with us for the months of January and February.  Reuben has completed his academic studies, and this will be his final student placement.  We look forward to having him share in ministry with us.  Reuben has written a short introduction for us:

“I am a student studying and forming to become a Uniting Church minister. I was born in Albany with my family coming from Walpole but now live in Perth, so I am looking forward to being back in the Southwest. I have worked as a chemical engineer and a high school chemistry teacher before feeling a call to become a minister in the Uniting Church. As a gay man, I really appreciate the love and inclusivity I experience in the Uniting Church, including Margaret River Uniting Church. I am always interested in a chat so please feel free to contact me for a conversation on 0404935167.