Worship 26 April 2020

Worship 26 April 2020 1

Welcome to the Margaret River Uniting Church worship service for Sunday 26 April. The reading for today is Luke 24:13-35  – ‘The Walk to Emmaus’. Our worship includes a reflection by Rev Cathie Lambert.  Cathie says, “as we reflect on the walk to Emmaus we explore the importance of sharing stories and in allowing new stories of life to emerge”.

As you prepare to watch and listen to this service you’re invited to light a candle at 9.30am, thinking of others in our congregation who may be doing the same in their homes.

Click on the image to view the video in Youtube.

Thanks to Rev Don Dowling for creating this service for our congregation and community.

Worship 260420

Here is the direct link – https://youtu.be/7OMO9j2yh5g

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